Capitol Correspondence - 01.16.18

Speaker Ryan Announces Entitlement Reform Not Likely for 2018

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According to Politico Pro, Speaker of the House Paul Ryan (R-WI) has announced that it is unlikely GOP Congressional leadership will pursue entitlement reform in 2018. Please see below for the relevant extract of that article, or read an article from The Hill here. While ANCOR is relieved at this announcement, we encourage members to remain proactive in educating your U.S. Representatives and Senators on your supports and services and building relationships with them. This way, should future proposals emerge that harm people with disabilities and providers, these officials will be more attentive to the needs of the community.

“House Speaker Paul Ryan said today that he doesn’t anticipate Congress addressing entitlement reform.

‘I don’t see us tackling it this year,’ Ryan said today at a WisPolitics event in Milwaukee.

Late last year, Ryan suggested that he wanted to overhaul entitlement programs, a politically contentious issue to tackle in an election year. But the Wisconsin Republican said today there is no bipartisan consensus to change the programs.

‘No matter what you do, you’re going to have to find bipartisan consensus,’ Ryan said. ‘And we don’t have that right now — that bipartisan consensus.’”