Capitol Correspondence - 04.16.18

Speaker Ryan is Retiring – What It Means for Medicaid

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Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) announced his retirement on April 11, 2018 as leader for the House of Representatives.  Speaker Ryan shared that he plans to step down after the Congressional term and will not run for reelection. During his retirement announcement, he was asked about the passage of tax reform and how the deficit caused by the bill would be paid for to which Speaker Ryan replied that he will continue to fight for entitlement reform (you can view that discussion here at 6 minutes in). Healthcare Finance news also posted this article on what Speaker Ryan’s retirement means for Medicaid.

Reports for who will replace Speaker Ryan at the end of his term include Kevin McCarthy (R-CA), Steve Scalise (R-AL), or Jim Jordan (R-OH) – all three who play important leadership roles in the House. ANCOR will keep members informed on the latest news for who is running for Speaker as that individual will shape the future policy agenda of the House of Representatives.