Capitol Correspondence - 07.22.19

Special Olympics Visit the White House

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ANCOR is sharing this transcript of a press conference on the occasion of a visit by Team USA after the Special Olympics World Games to the White House because many of our members support individuals with intellectual / developmental disabilities (I/DD) who participate in Special Olympics programs. A video of the visit is available here.

Second Lady Mary Pence made brief remarks on the Special Olympics team after an introduction by the President:

“MRS. PENCE:  Well, thank you, Mr. President.  And thank you for asking me to lead the delegation.  This was probably the highest honor I will ever have as Second Lady.

And you have here, represented — you have representatives from Special Olympics, but you also have coaches here.  You have unified athletes and you have Special Olympics athletes here.  And they represent several different sports.  And we’re just so proud of all of them.

We’ve become close friends.  I got to see them at the Winter Games and then I got to see them again at the Summer Games.  And it’s so great to see the familiar faces.

But one of the great things that I think the President needs to know about all of you is that you are such good representatives of our country.  They have made friends with other athletes all over the world.  And they stay in touch all the time.  And you are really adding to the diplomacy that the United States has.

You make us so proud — not just for your athletic prowess, but for the way you represent our country and the way you reach out to other nations and other athletes.  And it was such a privilege to be able to be here with all of you today.”