Capitol Correspondence - 04.12.21

Study: Promoting the Community Integration of People with Dual Diagnosis

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To assist our members who support people with disabilities who have more than one diagnosis, we share this announcement from the Council on Quality and Leadership:

“Although more people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) live in the community than ever before, many people are not meaningful included in their communities. People with dual diagnosis – those with IDD and psychiatric disabilities – are at particular risk for re-/institutionalization as they often lack the community infrastructure to support them.

For these reasons, in this study we examined the impact organizational supports can have on the community outcomes of people with dual diagnosis. To do so, we analyzed Personal Outcome Measures® interview data from 533 people with dual diagnosis.

In this article:

  • New peer-reviewed research about people with dual diagnosis
  • Analysis of the impact of organizational supports on community integration
  • Link to full research study

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