Capitol Correspondence - 04.23.18

Thank You to ANCOR Members for Enriching Our Annual Conference!

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Before diving into policy news, we wanted to express our gratitude to everyone who attended ANCOR’s 2018 Converge in the Big Easy Conference – our most attended Annual Conference to date! You brought a lot of soul and savvy to the table, making the conference an incredibly rich occasion as a result. You shared your stories during ANCOR Talks and in the Included. Supported. Empowered story-telling booth, giving meaning to the work we all do. You contributed ideas to our Spotlight Agency Innovations board to inspire others who might be facing the same challenges you did. And you let us participate in your fun breaks through the conference app – we learned about some great places in New Orleans that way! We come back filled with ideas to strengthen IDD supports after talking to so many of our attendees, and we are grateful to know such committed people. Thank you, and we look forward to seeing you again at our next conference.