Capitol Correspondence - 04.01.18

Trump Administration: Infrastructure Overhaul Likely Postponed Until After Elections

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According to The Hill:

“President Trump acknowledged Thursday that an infrastructure plan in Congress will likely come after the 2018 midterm elections, arguing that Democrats don’t want to provide Republicans with a win.


The comments deal a blow to House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee lawmakers and industry leaders who have long pushed for rebuilding legislation.


The president traveled to Richfield, Ohio, on Thursday to make his first public speech advocating for the rebuilding blueprint, which calls for $200 billion of federal seed money with the goal of generating a $1.5 trillion package.” Click here to read the full article.

ANCOR is sharing this so that members are aware of issues that have the potential to bubble up in Congress and absorb its attention later this year. This article goes to demonstrate that now, when Congress has a relatively low-key agenda, is the time to reach out to your Members of Congress to educate them on your supports and services and begin building relationships. These relationships will make it easier for you to be heard in periods of high Congressional activity.