Capitol Correspondence - 01.23.17

Wachino Departs CMS

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As the new administration settles in, many top administrative agency staff who were appointed by the former president are leaving their positions. Included in last week’s departures was that of Vikki Wachino, who lead the CMCS/CHIP division within the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). ANCOR appreciates the professional relationship with Vikki and her team during her time at CMS. Wachino sent the following message announcing her departure:

“Colleagues –

Today is my last day at CMS, and I leave here enormously grateful for the partnership CMCS has had with you and your teams in making Medicaid and CHIP as strong as possible for the 74 million people the programs serve. In ways large and small, you have helped CMCS by providing thoughts, feedback, analysis, and words of wisdom.  CMCS and our programs have always been the better off for it. 

Today CMCS is releasing a report on the ways in which CMS and states have strengthened Medicaid and CHIP, and the ways in which the programs are improving the lives of low-income people across the country. It is attached.

I could not be more proud or grateful for having had the opportunity to lead this work, and for the impact this work is having on low income people in America. 

Thank you, and please keep in touch.

Vikki Wachino”