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Alpine Sports Intern

Carbondale, CO
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Position Summary
  Destination Ascendigo: Ascendigo’s mission is to elevate the spectrum by empowering people, inspiring lives and shattering expectations. We apply this mission to both the people we serve, such as our participants and clients, and the people with whom we serve, such as our co-workers and other stakeholders.

Ascendigo is a nonprofit organization that enhances the lives of children and adults living with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) through therapeutic recreation, employment, community integration, education and an array of behavioral health services. We are headquartered in Carbondale, CO. Currently, Ascendigo employs more than 50 full- and part-time year-round staff members and approximately 30 additional employees during our seasonal summer camp programming.

The Ascendigo Promise to our employees is to provide meaning and purpose in the work we do and a culture of R.E.S.P.E.C.T.. We support high performance through thoughtful on-boarding and training, and acting with integrity. We offer 360° compensation with a path to financial security, personal well-being and fulfillment, and housing assistance.

Core Responsibilities: Ascendigo Alpine Sport Specialists work closely with the Alpine Manager to provide a safe, facilitated rock climbing experience for our campers. Alpine Sport Specialists are constantly monitoring the climbing site to ensure the safety of campers and staff alike. A typical day on the Alpine Team includes loading and transporting gear to the climbing site, building anchors and setting up ropes, top rope belaying campers, coaching campers to help them find success, cleaning up the climbing site, returning to town and storing the gear. Specialists work in close proximity with our campers and it is likely they will assist with behavior prevention & mitigation and activities of daily living such as toileting and hygiene.

Roles & Responsibilities

Work directly with clients who have challenging behaviors which may include physical aggression towards others
Act as a direct support to someone with autism through a full day of outdoor recreational activities
Work in an outdoor environment that requires situational awareness and quick
Collaborate with Ascendigo Coaches and Interns to create sport lessons plans and goals that meet the client’s needs
Act as a teacher and advocate for clients
Accompany clients and teach clients in skill acquisition and behavior reduction in social, community, recreation, leisure, and other program settings
Build positive rapport with clients and facilitate FUN!
Oversee client wellbeing and safety in a camp setting
Work positively as a to attend client and staff meetings and trainings as necessary
Communicate with staff effectively
Be proficient in common rope systems and top rope anchor setup

In addition,

Must be age 16 or over and have legal working status.
Must maintain a valid driver’s license and excellent driving record.
Must have a clean background check with no felonies or flags
Must provide a current CPR/First Aid certification.
Applicants are required to have and use their own phone for work duties.
Basic computer skills (MS Office, email, social media)
Must be able to lift and move heavy objects (up to 25 pounds)

Personal Characteristics: should be committed and passionate about the Ascendigo mission of a holistic, active, community-based, independent, and person-centered life. He/she should believe in the dignity and potential of our clients. We also have a commitment to a culture of R.E.S.P.E.C.T. which stands for:

R-Recognize the inherent worth of your coworkers.
E- Eliminate derogatory words and phrases.
S- Speak with people- not at them- or about them.
P-Protect the culture of your organization- report and support!
E- Empathize- consider what it is like in others’ situations.
C-Consider your impact on others before speaking and apologize when you make a mistake.
T- Treat everyone with integrity, dignity, and respect.

  Entry-level experience
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Summer Camp


Summer Camp

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With Room and Board: $375/week, prorated if part time Without Room and Board: $18/hour