Posted — 06.12.24

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Hawthorne Foundation Inc.
Hawthorne, NY
Salary Range
$170K - $205K
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Position Summary

For forty years, Hawthorne Foundation has been a leader in providing high quality education and lifespan services to children and adults with autism and developmental disabilities in Westchester County and Manhattan. The Agency serves over 500 individuals each year as an approved NYSED and OPWDD provider of preschool and school age special education, adult day and residential services and fiscal intermediary services for self-direction.

The Hawthorne Foundation Inc. Chief Financial Officer (CFO) is responsible for managing the financial operations of the Agency, ensuring the Agency’s financial health and sustainability.

This role will oversee all financial reporting, budgeting, forecasting, financial analysis, and financial compliance requirements for OPWDD and NYSED programs. The Hawthorne Foundation Inc. CFO will work closely with the CEO/Executive Director, Board of Directors and other senior leaders to develop and implement financial strategies that support the Agency’s mission and goals.

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Salary Range: $170,000 – $205,000


Masters of Business Administration and CPA or equivalent.
Minimum 10 years as a nonprofit financial manager/leader.
Knowledge of OPWDD and NYSED financial rate setting, billing and
reimbursement and of Medicaid compliance regulations.
Strong experience managing government contracts.
Strong interpersonal skills with proven ability to lead, develop and mentor staff
during organizational development and transitions.
Ability to communicate complex financial information to non-financial
Strong written and oral communication skills.
Strong experience using technology to improve financial management systems.
Comfortable working directly with Executive Director and Board of Directors.
Knowledge of the health care, social services and education sector and a working
knowledge of managed care are highly desirable.
Capital campaign experience a plus.
Knowledge of Fund EZ accounting software, MS Excel, ADP, MillinPro

Roles & Responsibilities

1. Specific Responsibilities
A. Oversees procedures in relation to:
-Billing and collections
-Admission/discharge financial activity
-SSI/SSA/Medicaid/SNAP compliance
-Personal Allowance accounts review
-Daily cash deposits
-Bank Reconciliations
-Posting of all original books of entry
-Preparation of transaction systems
-Preparation of data utilizing computerized spreadsheets
-Training, use and maintenance of all computers, software and other
-Payment of incurred debts
-Month end journal summaries
-Monthly budget reports
-Payroll preparation and disbursement
B. Correlates and reviews monthly summaries and all other data relative to the
General Ledger and Financial statements.
C. Generates and reviews computerized reports.
D. Reviews cash flow projections, monitors cash on a daily basis and provides
regular reports to the Executive Director and Board of Directors.
E. Prepares all periodic financial compliance reports.
F. Prepares CFR for OPWDD and NYSED programs.
G. Regularly monitors OPWDD and NYSED revenue and expenses to ensure
tuition and reimbursement rates are maximized at all time; provides quarterly
reports to Executive Director and Board of Directors.
H. Works directly and regularly with NYSED Rate Setting Unit accountant to
ensure timely and appropriate reconciliation of tuition rates to ensure
continued program fiscal stability.
I. Prepares for and participates in audits as required by various agencies and
serves as the liaison with external auditors.
J. Supervises and reviews performance of direct reports in finance department
and payroll.
K. Negotiates banking requirements and investment activity.
L. Reviews and remits all taxes as due.
M. In conjunction with Executive Director, reviews and approves invoices for
N. Reviews and updates finance department policies and procedures as required
maintaining compliance with changing regulations.
O. In conjunction with Executive Director, reviews contracts for compliance with
Agency policies and procedures and external regulations.
P. In conjunction with HR and Executive Director, serves as a Pension Trust
Sponsor responsible for communication with the actuarial firm as well as the
Plan Administrator in relation to annual contributions for profit-sharing plan
(discretionary) and annual reporting requirements.
Q. In conjunction with HR, files all IRS Annual 5500 tax reports as required.
R. In conjunction with Executive Director and HR, reviews insurance coverages
and renewals.
2. General Responsibilities
● Oversees and directs finance, budgeting, audits, tax, accounting.
● Ensures the accuracy and completeness of all financial records.
● Collaborates with Executive Director on grant and contract management
including: RFP support and planning, financial reporting; and oversight of
contract compliance administration.
● Appraises the Agency’s financial position and issues monthly, quarterly, and
annual financial and operating reports to the Executive Director and Board of
Directors; other reports on an as needed basis.
● In conjunction with the Executive Director, prepares Agency short-term and
long-range financial plans and budgets based on broad organization goals
and objectives. Presents annual budget to Board of Directors for yearly
● Ensures organization compliance with all regulatory tax filing and audit
● Oversees adherence to fiscal policies and procedures (internal controls) in
conjunction with the Executive Director, Board of Directors, and outside auditors.
● Establishes and monitors capital campaign fund protocols and procedures.
● Provides leadership and direction to the finance department and for finance
matters in all departments.
● Establishes and maintains contact with financial institutions and the
investment community.
● Establishes and maintains regular contact with OPWDD and NYSED with regard
to Agency financial operations.
● Advises management on investments and long-range financial plans.
3. Other critical leadership responsibilities
● Assists the Executive Director in implementing the Agency mission and
philosophy applicable to financial service goals.
● Strengthens staff association to the Agency’s mission and core values.
● Establishes and models a positive, collaborative and respectful workplace
environment, with a focus on continuous improvement and professional
● Collaborates with other senior leaders to develop and implement strategies
that support the Agency’s mission and goals.
● Generates, evaluates and recommends business partnering and other
strategic opportunities.
4. Physical Responsibilities
● Sitting, standing, bending, lifting, and moving intermittently during work hours.
● Must be able to cope with the mental and emotional stress of the position.
● Must possess sight and hearing senses, or use prosthetics that will enable
these senses to function adequately so that the requirements of the position
can be fully met.
● Must function independently, have personal integrity, be flexible and able to
work effectively with other personnel.
● Must be in good general health and demonstrate emotional stability.

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