Posted — 01.05.24

Chief Financial Officer

VersAbility Resources Inc
Hampton, VA
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Position Summary

Position Purpose:

VersAbility Resources, Inc. is a nonprofit organization supporting people with disabilities in leading productive and fulfilling lives of their choosing. With a $69 million budget involving various revenue streams, including government and commercial contracts, the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) is directly responsible for the operation of all financial aspects, including budget, accounting, reimbursement, management information systems, commercial business financial management, and other related functions. The CFO is responsible for ensuring that assets are deployed to best achieve the goals of the organization and to secure its long-term viability. The CFO is directly responsible for the successful communication of financial information to other staff in such a way as to enable accurate, informed, and timely business decisions.



Qualifications/Skills Knowledge & Abilities:

Education: CPA or master’s degree in a field related to business or financial management.

Experience: Five years of business experience in a position of substantial responsibility in financial operations, systems analysis and design, and general business management.

Skills Knowledge & Abilities: Comprehensive knowledge of principles, methods, and practices related to sound financial operations of for profit and nonprofit organizations as evidenced by achieving standard professional accreditation or certification. Comprehensive knowledge of local, state, and federal regulations and requirements related to financial operations and management. Comprehensive knowledge of budget, fiscal, and accounting management theories and practices. Ability to analyze, interpret, compile, and report complex statistical and financial data. Ability to research and synthesize information from a variety of disparate sources to apply to any analysis. Ability to develop effective plans of action related to the analysis and interpretation of data.

Roles & Responsibilities

Primary Duties:

Oversees cash flow management, including identifying sources of income and anticipated expenses. Develops financial strategies to support the organization’s mission and goals.
Prepares and submits an annual budget with assistance from program directors and other key staff.
Monitors the organization’s actual financial performance against budget, reviewing trends and mid-year changes. Recommends adjustments to ensure adherence to the budget and ongoing organizational financial health.
Prepares periodic financial reports that capture, interpret, and reflect the accurate financial status of the organization.
Performs agency financial analysis functions, including developing unique tools to provide and interpret financial information.
Recognizes and predicts the impact of various business decisions, as well as forecasts effects of financial trends and other anticipated changes on the financial health of the organization. Provides recommendations to manage changing financial environments effectively.
Oversees the Finance Department’s day-to-day operations and provides ongoing training to staff to recognize, understand, and act in fiscally sound ways. Ensures financial operations comply with all state and federal laws and regulatory requirements.
Coordinates external audit activities.
Identifies special projects and develops and oversees implementation plans. Special project plans can include technology use and improvements, and program development and return on investment review.
Assists the President/CEO in accomplishing the strategic goals of the organization. Tracks and analyzes various Key Performance Indicators.
Attends Board of Directors and Budget, Finance, and Audit Committee meetings to present financial reports in a manner that is easily understood and facilitates fiduciary oversight.

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