Posted — 04.21.23

Quality Assurance Coordinator

Indianapolis, IN (remote)
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Position Summary
  The Quality Assurance Coordinator is responsible for ensuring all programs are in compliance with state regulations and meet Dungarvin standards of quality. The Quality Assurance Coordinator must be aggressive in finding problems that are or could be a licensing issue. This position works collaboratively with the Senior Directors, Area Directors and other program employees to identify problems, develop plans for correction, and assure that plans are fully implemented. The Quality Assurance Coordinator, will closely monitor the completion of corrective actions to ensure timely completion by program management.
Roles & Responsibilities
  What you will do:

• Assess program sites for quality assurance concerns as scheduled or upon request.
• Conduct ongoing monitoring of sites and follow-up with sites.
• Track, review and follow-up on abuse, neglect, and exploitation investigations.
• Analyze data from electronic and paper-based systems to inform the management team of quality issues related to service delivery.
• Provide support to the management team in responding to Requests for Proposals.
• Work with the management team to identify and train QA reviewers where needed.
• Work with the management team to develop, communicate, implement and provide feedback regarding prioritized QA goals.
• Provide leadership with policies, systems, and initiatives.
• Utilize data collected from various internal sources to identify health, safety and quality trends and related outcome measures to mitigate issues.
• Work in collaboration with the management team to utilize data collected to expand or develop services and programs.
• Conduct research on industry, service and business trends, legislative actions, and new technologies to improve quality and satisfaction, if assigned.
• Facilitate adherence to and effectiveness of policy and administrative systems: provide guidance and direction, make recommendation for new policies/systems and revisions for existing ones.
• Stay informed and educated on key events, initiatives, activities, practices, and policies inside and outside the company.
• Assist in quality assessment, intervention and enhancement of services and supports.
• Conduct review and assessment of services, to determine status of service quality and effectiveness.
• Where service issues may exist, assist in stabilizing services: identify problems, develop recommended plan of corrective action, and assist in implementation of plan.
• To ensure that programs meet applicable licensure and certification requirements.
• In conjunction with directors, arrange meetings with regulatory agency representatives concerning licensure and certification issues as required.
• Assist in the timely response to any survey finding, keeping the senior director informed of all significant issues.
• Participate in Safety Committee.
• Represent the state on related national task forces dedicated to quality assurance.
• Work cooperatively with internal and external contacts to ensure services are provided in a timely manner, on a basis of quality according to organizational standards, contractual requirements, and regulatory guidelines.

  • Bachelor’s degree in human services or related field preferred
• 1-3 years prior experience working in services for persons with developmental disabilities, and project management is preferred.
• Must have proven decision-making, oral, and written communication skills, and project management skills.
• Must be able to work independently, be responsible, mature, and flexible.
• Prior experience working with people with disabilities required.
Additional Information (optional)
  Schedule: Full-time. 40+ hours/weekly. This position works during normal business hours, typically 8:30am-5:00pm. Overnight travel may be expected of the position. Hours need to be flexible based on business needs.

Wage: Competitive hourly wage plus benefits

Company Perks/Benefits:
• Medical and Dental Insurance
• Vision Insurance
• Supplemental Insurance
• 401 K plan
• Pet Insurance
• Life Insurance
• Discounts for Verizon and Dell
• Flexible Spending Account
• Paid Time Off
• Growth Opportunities
• Employee Referral Program
• Employee Assistance Program

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