Connections - 02.27.20

Across the Board: Furthering Our Vision

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The Board stretched its generative, strategic and fiduciary muscles in Austin, Texas, this February, covering issues like the dearth of affordable housing, upcoming board vacancies, the third year of the 100% membership model pilot, recent CMS guidance to states around block grants, and what to do with a healthy reserve. Board members learned more about one of ANCOR’s Platinum Partners, Nonstop Wellness, and were treated to a sneak preview of the Case for Inclusion 2020 (which officially launched on February 6). It also spent a good portion of its time together talking about ANCOR’s strategic plan for 2020-2024.

Some might say that a blueprint is only as good as the building that it helps to create.

Now that ANCOR has its strategic blueprint for the next several years, the ANCOR Board of Directors spent a good portion of its February Retreat building some form and shape around it. Are the assumptions that we used to develop the blueprint still true? How are we measuring our progress? Are the foundations of our plan strong enough to support the pillars that we’re using to define our efforts?

The answers:

  • Yes, and we refined those assumptions a little more,
  • We have some ideas and we’re refining them with staff input.
  • Yes, and we’ll be working to strengthen it even more. How? By continuing to expand ANCOR’s public profile and influence, increasing our diversity of membership, increasing and enhancing opportunities for member engagement, and partnering strategically.

The member satisfaction survey, which we issued during the final months of 2019, informed much of the Board’s strategic discussions. We hope that you see your comments and suggestions reflected both in the Strategic Plan and, more importantly, in the work we do to support it.

You can view the February 2020 Board Meeting Minutes in their entirety here.

The Board will meet via video conference in April prior to ANCOR’s Annual Conference (we’ve learned that packing a day and a half of board meetings into the already-full conference week is…challenging) and will meet in person again in Seattle, Washington, this June. Members are always welcome to sit in on portions of ANCOR Board meetings. If you’re interested in attending a future Board meeting, contact Jerri McCandless to confirm location, time and availability of space.