Connections - 08.31.20

Contactless EVV

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By Brian Perry, Vice President of Sales, DCI

Brian Perry, VP of Sales, DCIThe pandemic and moving forward is presenting new and unimagined challenges to medicaid agencies around the country. One of those challenges is how to ensure you are ready for Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) in January, while ensuring you mitigate the risk to your staff and those you serve. Most EVV options require you to share a device with the individual you are supporting such as passing a cell phone back and forth, using that individual’s home phone, or a device left in the clients home (such as a FOB or token).

All of these methods are a risk to both the direct support professional (DSP) and the individuals receiving services, and their families. These methods can lead to possible contamination or add additional work having to constantly sanitize and ensure devices are safe and clean. 

Another approach is Contactless EVV, that ensures no contact between the DSP and individual receiving services. This ensures that social distancing is maintained while meeting compliance with EVV. 

Direct Care Innovations’ (DCI) Contactless EVV is one way to do this. We utilize facial recognition technology with artificial intelligence to capture the visit data, ensuring a safe social distance can be maintained and helping to reduce risk to your staff and the individuals receiving services. This is crucial for being able to serve an at-risk population safely and effectively. Our artificial intelligence ensures that the solution gets better with every check-in to help reduce false negatives, thereby alleviating the need for your supervisors to approve individual punches. This allows the time and attendance and EVV punches to be auto-approved and goes straight to billing and payroll ensuring everyone is paid on time and your billing files are complete and timely.

This solution, paired with DCI’s state-of-the-art business management platform, allows seamless capture of payroll time and attendance, EVV, billing, transportation and mileage tracking. As a result, you capture all the data necessary to pay your employees, document times and mileage for billing, and meet compliance standard. Contact us today to learn more at Direct Care Innovations.

Brian Perry has 15 years of sales and sales management experience, and nine years of health care IT experience managing teams of sales executives and project managers.