Connections - 11.30.22

Endless Gratitude!

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As we approach the upcoming holidays, take the time to express gratitude to those around you! Say “thank you” and show others how much you appreciate them, how grateful you are for all they do and for the contributions they make. Notice and look for the good things in your own life and appreciate life in the present moment.

All of this can have significant social and personal benefits, including helping to develop a more positive outlook, having more valuable experiences, developing better relationships and improving your own physical health.

The past few years have been extremely challenging for all of us. The pandemic has impacted the workforce in so many ways, but it has also created some new and exciting opportunities. Many people with disabilities were considered essential workers during this time period, and like their coworkers without disabilities, they were determined to support their communities in a time of need.

So today, let us give “thanks.”

Thank you to all of you who recently observed “National Disability Employment Awareness Month” in October. It is important to celebrate the contributions of workers with disabilities in America’s workforce. It is also a time to highlight the importance of ensuring individuals with disabilities have access to the services and supports necessary to empower them to work!

Thank you to the companies that focus on promoting an inclusive work environment and embrace individuals with different abilities, talents, and contributions. Employing these individuals has been shown to benefit companies by reducing turnover and costs, increasing productivity and improving employee motivation. Promoting diversity is key to improving company morale and overall culture, and it changes people’s lives.

Thank you to all direct support professionals who advocate for and support individuals with disabilities. Your patience, dedication and determination to enhance these individuals’ lives and provide them with the opportunity to remain connected and active in the community is admirable. Not only are you “essential” workers, but you are also critical to the well-being of persons with disabilities. Your continued care for the people you support deserves respect and recognition.

Thank you to all the individuals who inspire others and for being committed to your work each and every day. Your individual talents and contributions not only benefit employers, but allow those with disabilities opportunities to problem solve, learn new skills, improve social skills and develop relationships. This leads to becoming more self-confident, increasing independence and establishing a support system within the community. Feeling productive and valued is critical for individuals with disabilities and allows them to be present, active, and reach their desired level of independence.

All of us here at Therap recognize the challenges individuals, businesses, and the direct support professionals face every day, and are committed to supporting them. At Therap, we offer a variety of tools that can help facilitate your organization with developing the individual’s Pathway to Employment. Within our suite of solutions, providers will have access to Employers, Contacts and Interactions, Career Development Plans, Milestones, Training & Coaching, Job Details, Applications, Interviews and much more.

Take a minute and watch our Therap for Employment Services Overview video! If you’d like to learn more about how Therap can help your agency with these Employment First Tools, or, if you are a Therap User and wish to learn more about these available features, I invite you to reach out to us.

And remember to join us at our 2023 Therap National Conference, February 7-9, 2023. Thank you again for all you do and Happy Holidays!