Connections - 01.30.20

Introducing the State Associations of ANCOR!

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In addition to our robust provider organization membership, ANCOR also represents a dynamic group of state association members from across the country. Our 55 associations span 44 states and bring with them a wealth of insight and perspective on what is happening at the state level as it pertains to legislation and policy in the intellectual and developmental disabilities arena.

This month we held our State Association Winter Meeting in conjunction with the Government Relations Retreat and had 20 members in attendance. The group, led by Josh Evans of IARF (Illinois), delved into policy and legislative updates happening at the federal level, as well as state and local initiatives affecting our members.

As part of this session, we did some planning for the coming year and looked at ways ANCOR can best support the work of the associations, as well as ways that the associations can better integrate and inform ANCOR’s work. With broad support from the associations’ executives and the Government Relations Committee members, ANCOR will be developing a clearinghouse for state-level policy, regulation, best practice initiatives and resources. It has been coined “ANCORpedia” and will offer an online, interactive resource for members. Additionally, we are working with the Government Relations staff to ensure that state-level issues are examined and used to inform our federal policy efforts.

This reciprocal and evolving relationship between ANCOR and its State Associations promises enhanced support for all members and will enrich the value of membership for all.

Donna Martin is Director of State Partnerships & Special Projects for ANCOR.