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Mobile Workforces are the Future, and That Future Has Arrived

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by Jeff Mau, Therap Services

As community-based service provision continues to be more prevalent, providers need to access information from multiple locations, which may include at home, an office, or in the community. A theoretical underpinning of Therap is that data should be collected as close to the point of service and as soon after the time of service as possible. Waiting and travelling not only make it harder to remember events accurately, but also make it unlikely that a direct support professional (DSP) can easily check with an individual or family member to verify what transpired. Quality documentation is much more valuable than documentation that only meets the requirements for auditing purposes. Moreover, highly accurate documentation enhances communication, engenders trust, and leads to quality outcomes.

The improvement of mobile technology over the past 25 years has allowed health care professionals many opportunities to apply it in their work environments. Mobile devices have become a convenient and efficient way for service providers to easily access information, add data about service provision, and improve quality care.

When DSPs are able to “do their paperwork” at the time of a visit using a mobile device, a natural opportunity for information sharing and collaboration with families, community supports, and individuals occurs. These interactions help to make records more accurate and meaningful. This also allows for greater collaboration as all stakeholders are able to actively participate and engage in the circle of care and support.

By choosing to provide and/or allow employees to use their mobile devices to perform documentation, many agencies have also realized these benefits:

  • Increased staff convenience
  • Time is saved and overall efficiency is improved
  • Accountability improces, as documentation requirements are met in a timely manner
  • Individuals and their families are more fully included in decision making and service delivery
  • Quality of service provision is improved

Mobile computing has quickly become part of everyday life, even more so in the era of social distancing. We have known for some time that mobile workforces are the future and that future has arrived.

Therap’s mobile apps can be used on Android & iOS platforms by downloading them from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. Employees sign into the mobile app using their own secure username and password. The secure access allows for each user to have caseload-based information about the Individuals they are providing services to and can provide real-time service documentation in the community in a HIPAA-compliant and secure manner.

Additionally, using Therap’s Scheduling/EVV mobile app meets the federal requirement for electronic visit verification established by the 21st Century Cures Act. It verifies information about all waiver-funded personal care services and home health services, thereby increasing accountability.

If you’d like to learn more about Therap’s comprehensive documentation system and mobile apps, ccontact your local representative.

Jeff Mau is Assistant Director of Business Development at Therap Services. He can be reached at 515.207.9672 or [email protected].

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