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Connections - 04.30.20

A Never-Ending Quest for the GoodLife

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by Staff at GoodLife Innovations

COVID-19 has truly changed everything. Being from Kansas, it feels like a rerun of the Wizard of Oz. Everything was pretty normal and in a blink of the eye we are in a new land where we aren’t feeling very safe.

This pandemic forced us all to shelter in place. Our goal is to “not congregate,” reduce the number of different DSPs that support persons we serve, and somehow help without being physically present. Overnight, providers are becoming increasingly proficient with videoconferencing, social networking, remote support, telehealth, remote “live” hiring, online live classes, remote support and enabling technologies, and home-delivered services such as Instacart and Amazon.

We are navigating through some challenging times toward a new normal. Every day we see providers nationally doing what they have always done…transforming, adapting, improvising, and sharing with others. Our collective ingenuity and humanity, however, will surely help us on our never-ending quest for a better life for those persons we serve and also the amazing people that make this mission possible. Together we are literally and virtually moving mountains.

During our office hours in ANCOR’s 2020 Virtual Annual Conference, Dr. Mike Strouse, of GoodLife, delivered a one-hour presentation to share solutions across staffing, service, and technology. Visit GoodLIfe Innovations, Inc. (www.mygooglife.org) to learn more about the Neighborhood Networks, iLink Remote Support Technologies, and GoodLife’s unique DSP staffing and compensation approaches, as well as our ongoing outreach work.