Connections - 04.29.21

Person-Centered, Data-Driven

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By Jason Laws, Therap Services

 Jason Laws, Therap ServicesThe concepts of person-centeredness and data-driven decision-making are at the core of quality service delivery for people supported by organizations like yours. Service organizations must have a structure and culture that facilitate support for the individualized needs and desires of the people they serve, while also collecting and utilizing this individualized data to inform their ongoing philosophy, mission and overall operations.

The two ideas must work in tandem to create positive change for individuals and guarantee a perpetual evolution of the agency to meet changing needs.

At Therap, we recognize the critical importance of these concepts and have incorporated them into our ongoing development and approach to supporting quality service delivery.  From plan development through service documentation, goals and outcomes planning, and overall health, everything begins with the individual and their particular needs.

Conversely, at the organizational level, all of this individualized data is digested, organized and presented in a manner that easily allows agencies to evaluate performance, learn from that evaluation and apply what is learned to facilitate continual improvement.

Jason Laws is Director of Quality & Data Initiatives at Therap Services. He can be reached at [email protected] or at 919.260.3176.