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The Power of Wanting to Help

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by Clint Chapman, PMF

Truly wanting to help is always the best business strategy. My dad, a retired basketball coach, told me when I first started this company that I needed to treat all of my customers the same. To care about each of them, and go above and beyond to help. “Whether the customer buys one bandaid or a truck load of bandaids, treat every customer the same.” I have never forgotten this advice from my dad.

Since we founded PMF, we’ve learned the families we serve just want to matter; they want someone who is there to help. After all, this is what we want as customers. This is what we want as human beings. Serving others is powerful because it is simple. Be kind. Listen. Care about people. Empathize. Little things matter; every detail matters. It can make such a big difference. It can be a word, a look, a gesture, or even a product that just makes someone feel better about themselves. That’s our goal when we provide healthcare products for people with complex health needs.

When I reflect on the 17 years of this company, I see my father’s wise advice woven into all we do. From our account managers to our logistics team, each team member from operations to marketing has been tasked with this one simple yet all-encompassing requirement:

  1.  Take care of our customers.
  2.  Treat them with kindness.
  3.  Care about everyone.

And they have done this with excellence.

The families and providers we serve are dealing with many and varied details – IEP meetings, clinicians, day programs, transportation, budgets, emotions – so it’s our task to treat them well and give exceptional service to build long-term relationships that begin with the first order.

The feedback we get from the people who use our products and services suggests we’re succeeding. This success and feedback of how we are helping is what keeps us going and striving. As a team and company, we are constantly improving, fixing, failing, learning from our mistakes and getting better. As we grow we figure out ways to get better again. The cycle never ends.

This is why having a community you can trust through ANCOR can be so beneficial. It gives everyone an opportunity to learn, ask questions, and offer information to help others because these basic principles apply to everyone and every company in the I/DD community. It applies to more than our team on the product side, it applies to every provider, advocate and vendor.

Truly wanting to help is the foundation of building trust. Trust builds over time, and it works both ways-trust from our customers and the trust we have in each other here at PMF. It is important for companies to want to help fellow coworkers, encouraging each other and lifting each other up. We are blessed to have an exceptional group of people here.

I’m not just saying this because I’m the owner and that’s what I’m supposed to say when I write a blog about my company. It is special what we have here as a team, especially our belief in one another. When a group of people care about each other, believe in each other, and are passionate about the customers they serve, it is truly special.

We have a slogan: “small team, huge challenges, massive results.” A team committed to a cause greater than themselves can achieve absolutely anything. Our cause is truly wanting to help our customers. It’s that simple.

Clint Chapman started Professional Medical Fulfillment in 2005. Since then, he has focused on building the company around the I/DD community and truly helping providers and families.

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