Connections - 04.30.20

‘Project Expression’ Continues!

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by Staff at Foothold Technology

Foothold Technology started Project Expression several weeks back. As a technology company that works with providers, we feel connected to their communities and want to support their members.

Although we are in the midst of particularly unique and difficult times, we want to continue to celebrate the creativity of the individuals our provider agencies serve. Project Expression is an art contest series that creates an opportunity for us to do just that while commemorating our company’s core values. This contest will be broken up into 5 sessions; one for each of our core values: Respect, Collaboration, Balance, Integrity, and Mission Driven. We would like to use this opportunity to share with you what makes Foothold unique and to display the extraordinary skills and abilities of those you support.

The first session, with submissions for the value “Respect”, just concluded, and we are extremely excited to announce that Alejandro Pflucker from CAHS, Inc. is the winner! Alejandro says that to him, “creativity is the real reason [for] happiness in life” and that we use different forms of expression to try to show our creativity to each other. He beautifully depicted the balance, teamwork, and communication involved in his painting chosen for the core value of “Respect”.

We also want to thank everyone who participated for their fantastic submissions and honor the amazing creative work of all of them. It was an incredibly difficult choice, and we hope everyone will continue to submit pieces for future sessions.

Although day programs have had to reimagine how to work in this virtual world, we hope that this contest can provide an enjoyable distraction, a little joy, or just a reason to celebrate. Foothold Technology invites all ANCOR members and provider agencies to engage their communities in this initiative, Project Expression.

Throughout 2020, Foothold Technology will announce each core value and provide corresponding submission deadline dates. The second session just opened up for pieces representing the value “Collaboration,” and we would love to see your submission.

Visit for more information and the submission application.

Authored by staff writers at Foothold Technology. For more information contact Elliot Massuda, Strategic Partnerships Manager, at [email protected] or visit our website at