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Sharing in Our Caring: A New Podcast by Foothold Technology That Sheds Light on Topics and Trends Impacting Our Industry

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by Elliot Massuda, Foothold Technology

Over the past several months I’ve had the pleasure of helping to launch Foothold Technology’s new podcast, Sharing In Our Caring, and we’re excited to share this news with the ANCOR Community! Sharing In Our Caring is a podcast that brings together human services professionals and thought leaders to shed light on the topics and trends impacting our industry.

Whether you’re a provider looking to connect with your community, a policymaker, or simply someone who wants to learn more about the field of human services, we want you to know that this podcast is a collaborative effort, and that we welcome your input and contributions as you begin listening. Our first three episodes touch on topics directly impacting the ANCOR community, and I encourage you to reach out to me to continue the conversation.

Listen to our first three episodes today and check back regularly as we will be releasing new episodes soon. We welcome suggestions on episode ideas or content topics. And, who knows: maybe you could be our next guest! We created this podcast to continue the community engagement work we have done throughout the past several years to advocate, educate and celebrate everything that our community faces.

I am proud to be the host of Sharing in Our Caring because it gives me the opportunity to apply more than 20 years of strategic sales and partnership experience to connect with and support our provider community. One of the key responsibilities in my role as the Strategic Partnerships Manager is around community engagement, and Sharing in Our Caring does just that. My co-host is David Bucciferro, Foothold Technology’s Senior Advisor, who brings more than 30 years of experience in the human services field working with providers, local governments and health care agencies. Please listen, provide feedback and subscribe to go on this journey with us!

Elliot Massuda is the Strategic Partnerships Manager at Foothold Technology. Foothold Technology’s software helps transform the way you provide care. Visit us at

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