Connections - 10.31.19

Is Your Staff Properly Trained?

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By Brian Perry, Vice President for Sales, Direct Care Innovations

Many provider agencies struggle with DSP (Direct Support Professional) compliance and keeping staff properly trained. A function of this is due to the demands that those trainings place on an organization. When your management is required to host onsite, in-person trainings, it can take away from the time your staff can spend ensuring the organization is providing services your clients deserve.

The way to help expedite this is recorded trainings in a learning management solution that provides content testing after each lesson. This ensures that your message and content are consistent, takes the burden off of your staff who have been organizing and providing trainings, and standardizes the training and testing. With the ability to reuse your pre-recorded trainings, you deliver a consistent message that reduces long term training costs, improves adoption and validates the knowledge learned through standardized tests.

Your organization’s result is a well-trained staff that you have empowered to stay compliant, given the tools to be self-sufficient and reduced the required oversight time so your organization can concentrate on those you serve instead of administration items.

Along with a learning management system is the ability to track your staff training and compliance items, so that you can proactively notify them when there are items with expirations that are coming due. This makes sure that no staff works with compliance items outstanding. When you are able to have both systems in place, there are powerful efficiencies that can happen. Your organization gets properly trained staff for each program they are involved with, you reduce denials for performing services your staff was not compliant at the time of service, and your team has more time to optimize delivery of services.

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