Multistate Dues Calculator

There are now 15 state provider associations participating in ANCOR’s 100% State Provider Association Program, a membership option that has grown our membership to more than 2,300 providers across the nation, making us a more effective voice on your behalf in Washington.

Because you operate in multiple states and some of your operations inherit their ANCOR membership through your investment in a participating 100% State Provider Association, calculating your annual dues requires us to collect a bit more information from you. The purpose of this form is to collect the information we need.

In order to complete this form, you will need three key pieces of information: (1) your organization’s total operating expenses, (2) the 100% State Provider Associations to which your organization belongs, and (3) the percentage of your total operating expenses that are spent in the states represented by the 100% State Provider Association(s) to which you belong.

For example, let’s say your total operating expenses are $5,000,000 annually, your organization is a member of the Iowa Association of Community Providers (IACP), and your operating expenses in Iowa are $1,000,000. In this scenario, we need to know that you are an IACP member, and that Iowa accounts for 20% of your total operating expenses.

Once you have completed the form below, a member of the ANCOR staff will be in touch to share your total dues for the upcoming renewal year, as well as an invoice that we encourage you to pay online. If you have any questions, please contact [email protected].