October 06, 2022
Partner Presentation

Leveraging American Rescue Plan Funds for Home and Community Based Services to Address Health Disparities for People with I/DD

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In Partnership with
2:00pm-3:00pm EST

People with I/DD have lower rates of preventive screenings, lower life expectancy, and are at great risk of death from preventable causes such as aspiration, bowel obstruction, seizures, and other conditions including COVID-19. Educating support staff arms them with critical knowledge to help them identify, prevent, and appropriately respond to identified health risks.

This presentation highlights current and potential ARPA fund use strategies to address health risks leading to a better quality of life and lower risk for people you support.


  • Craig Escudé, President, IntellectAbility
  • Lorene Reagan, Director of Public Relations, IntellectAbility

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