November 02, 2023
Partner Presentation

The Wrap-Around Impact of Revenue Cycle Management on the I/DD Services Industry

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2:00pm-3:00pm EST

I/DD agencies have a three-pronged mission – maximizing person-centered care and service quality, financial stability, and organizational growth.

In this webinar, Phil Feldman, National Director of Sandata Revenue Cycle Management (RCM), will discuss how RCM processes contribute to the consumer care objective.

RCM needs to contain procedures to ensure that billing is timely and complies with funder contracts and process requirements. Some providers can struggle with reimbursement, and thin margins in our industry magnify this impact. Claims denials and processing delays prevent timely and complete payment, impacting cash flow and resource requirements in the Revenue Cycle department. Appropriate, up-front, and continued management of the Revenue Cycle can serve to minimize funder denials and processing delays, thereby improving payments and required “re-touches” to get claims paid and minimize write-offs.

During the session, we’ll discuss how all aspects are connected, and the benefits derived by a robust, full-featured agency management system.


  • Phil Feldman, National Director, Revenue Cycle Management, Sandata Technologies