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President & CEO
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About Castle Benefits Consulting Group

Castle Benefits Consulting Group provides unique, strategic, cost-saving solutions to the incessantly increasing cost of health care. Whereas most companies put a band-aid on problems by increasing deductibles and then provide a gap plan or MERP to offset the increased costs, we choose to get to the root causes of the problem: facility charges and medication costs.

By reducing the cost of medical services by an average of 30%, our clients are seeing tangible results in their workforce, not just their bottom line. Employees are now being proactive in seeing their doctor because their copays and deductibles are lower. The cost savings to our clients on numerous prescription medications (brand name medications with an average savings of 60%, specialty medications with an average savings of 50% and insulin with an average savings of 30%), plus the fact that these medications have a zero-dollar cost to employees, means that adherence to medication regimens stays consistent. In turn, this means fewer emergencies, fewer hospital stays and less catastrophic claims.

Due to our relationships and negotiations, we have a strong stable of carriers who have agreed to be aggressive in lowering their rates exclusively for ANCOR members. We typically work with provider organizations with more than 100 employees, but have been assured we can secure exceptions for teams with as few as 25 employees.

Workforce competition is fierce. Many of our clients choose to use the money they’ve saved from health expenses to offer higher wages, better benefits and increased employer contributions, all of which help you retain and attract the best possible candidates. We have strategies for all lines of coverage, even the ones you probably wouldn’t think of, all with the goal of saving our clients’ money in mind. Because after all, it’s the right thing to do.

As a firm, we do zero advertising. We have grown immensely by referrals as we stand behind our word and our beliefs. As an ANCOR Gold Partner, we are held at a much higher standard than other firms in our business. We know that over-promising and under-delivering will spread throughout ANCOR membership like a wildfire. That’s just one of the many reasons we’re committed to helping you save money and pass your new-found resources where it matters the most: your people.