Kenmore Direct

About Kenmore Direct

Welcome to ANCOR’s Shared Resources Purchasing Network for appliances and household goods! This is a specially designed Kenmore Direct purchasing opportunity for ANCOR members.

As an ANCOR member, you have the opportunity to purchase major appliances and other whole-house products at special affiliate pricing combined with personal shopping and order assistance.

Kenmore Direct has developed a selection of appliances that have a proven track record of value and success in the institutional and residential health care environment. This list is called the Best Values list and is included in subsequent pages.

The ANCOR Shared Resources Purchasing Network is available only through Kenmore Direct and not available through your local Sears stores. Local Sears stores will not have information regarding this select program.

Kenmore Direct is offering discounted pricing on all orders for any ANCOR member who is part of the ANCOR Shared Resources Purchasing Network. 

Here are some tips to ensure you can access these valuable discounts with ease:

  • Contact [email protected] or dial 888.812.2933 to receive service and pricing. Be sure to mention ANCOR in your quote request, as doing so will help ensure your agency can be verified as an ANCOR member to receive the appropriate discounts.
  • Each ANCOR provider member wishing to purchase will get their own account. If you work for or with a provider agency that already has an account, please reach out to that agency to access account credentials. (Note: Employees will need to use their employer’s account information to ensure accurate tracking.)
  • Deliveries will be made to the location specified when ordering, but note that installation costs may vary depending on the location to which the delivery is made.
  • Members can view Kenmore Direct products by clicking on the link to the Kenmore Direct website below. However, please DO NOT fill in your name or call the phone numbers listed on that site; only use the site to view appliance options. When you’re ready to purchase, simply call the number or email the address below to talk to a sales representative.

Get Started Today!

To view products, visit To place an order, call 888.812.2933 or email [email protected].