ANCOR Links - 01.31.24

Ensuring Community Living (w/ Alison Barkoff)

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Housing is a problem that affects everyone. The cost of renting is high, and the housing market is out of control just about everywhere. However, barriers to housing for people with disabilities can be magnified almost exponentially.

In this episode we continue our Economic Equity series with and interview with Alison Barkoff, who currently performs the duties of Administrator and Assistant Secretary for Aging Principal Deputy Administrator for the Administration for Community Living (ACL).

Alison Barkoff explains the depth of the problem, and specific factors that add to the stress and complication of securing housing for people with disabilities. Then, she shares key resources aimed at providing assistance, information and help for people with disabilities seeking housing and community living.

This podcast is produced by ANCOR, the leading voice in Washington, DC, for providers of services for people with disabilities. To learn more, visit ⁠⁠.

Episode Transcript

Show Notes
Get connected to local resources through DIAL: 1 (888) 677-1199


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