ANCOR Links - 02.16.24

My Body, My Choice (w/ Ashley & Erica Thomas)

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Sex? Relationships? Consent? Bodily autonomy? These are important topics for everyone to know about and discuss, but have remained sort of taboo around people with disabilities. Erica Thomas wants to change that.

She developed a program she calls ‘My Body, My Choice’ and it is all about giving information to people with disabilities so they can be empowered everywhere from the doctor’s office to romantic relationships.nWe start off with a conversation between Ashley, a person with disabilities that Erica supports, about what the program meant to her, what she learned, and how she applies it every day. Then Erica shares all of the components in her wide-ranging, empowering program.

This podcast is produced by ANCOR, the leading voice in Washington, DC, for providers of services for people with disabilities. To learn more, visit ⁠⁠.