Civic Engagement

Volunteering in the community. Registering your neighbors to vote. Casting your own ballot. Running for public office. Civic engagement is at the core of it all—and it makes our communities stronger.

About This Priority

When it comes to being engaged in your community, there are some obvious activities that come to mind, such as voting and registering others to vote. But there are so many other ways that civic engagement enhances our lives. Planting seeds in a community garden, volunteering to clean up trash on the beach and joining a summer kickball league all exemplify what civic engagement is about—actions big and small, taken by individuals or groups, to make our communities a better place.

Too often, however, people with disabilities are excluded from opportunities for civic engagement. That’s why we’ve curated the resources found in this section: because we believe people with disabilities and everyone else should reap the benefits of civic engagement, as well as the opportunity to give back.

The Latest

The Latest