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We’re all about creating and sharing solutions to our most pressing challenges—and we know that the best solutions are well-researched and driven by data.

About This Priority

ANCOR is all about smart solutions to the most pressing challenges facing community providers and the people you support. We believe one key ingredient in the recipe for any smart solution is data. Data is crucial to understanding the contours of the problems we aim to solve, and to demonstrating the scope of those problems so our nation’s most influential leaders understand what you’re up against when it comes to supporting people with complex needs.

From surveys of ANCOR members to statistics curated from other leading credible sources, the research in this section is essential to supporting you as you seek to understand key trends, advocate for more resources, and make the case for serving more people with better services.

The Latest

The Latest

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National Launch of the Case for Inclusion 2024

This year’s Case for Inclusion reveals some promising progress that has been made since we published the 2023 edition of this annual report.