November 01, 2022

Getting Real about Racism in the Workplace: A Conversation about Racial Fatigue and Black & Brown Burnout

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1:00pm-2:00pm EST

Research demonstrates that Black and Brown employees in every industry receive messages that make them feel undervalued, disrespected and very much like an outsider within the company’s culture. These feelings arise not only from blatantly racist comments and behaviors, but also from daily microaggressions that are often invisible to white colleagues and co-workers to blatant racist behaviors and slurs. However, most Black and Brown employees remain silent, fearing being labeled overly sensitive, not being believed, or even losing their jobs.
This courageous conversation and open dialogue with three well-respected Black and Brown leaders from our community will provide honest insight into the trauma-inducing experiences people of color experience in the workplace and the toll it takes on their health and well-being. The discussion will also offer recommendations on how to create authentic leadership through a knowledgeable, do-no-harm attitude.

A recording will be made available for registrants.


  • Nicole Dama, Office and Communications Manager, National Alliance for Direct Support Professionals
  • André Floyd, Communications Manager, ANCOR
  • Josh Rael, Executive Director, Alliance


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