Capitol Correspondence - 03.21.23

ANCOR Launches Action Alert Urging Congress to Invest in Medicaid Services for People with I/DD

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ANCOR has launched its first Action Alert for the 118th Congress, urging members of Congress to invest in Medicaid services for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD). Over 3,900 messages have been sent out, with more than 1,250 individuals engaged in the effort.

The importance of this issue cannot be overstated. Medicaid is the primary source of funding for I/DD services, including medical care, therapy, and community living support. Despite this, Medicaid is often underfunded, leading to a shortage of services and a lack of resources for those who need them most.

ANCOR’s most recent Action Alert seeks to address this issue by urging Congress to invest in Medicaid services. By engaging with their members of Congress and sending daily messages, individuals can make their voices heard and advocate for the support that is necessary to provide essential services for those with I/DD.

ANCOR’s Action Alert is ongoing, and individuals are encouraged to continue sending messages to their members of Congress. With sustained engagement and advocacy, we can ensure that Medicaid services receive the support they need to provide essential care to those with I/DD.