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Noah Block serves as ANCOR’s Advocacy Manager. Noah discovered his passion for disability justice while implementing youth justice diversion programs nationwide, with specific attention to the estimated one-third of young people involved in the juvenile justice system with learning or attention challenges. As someone who identifies as having a disability, he has worked at the intersection of these identities for over 10 years, providing direct-support services and expanding community-driven approaches that support youth and families in the justice system.

Before coming to ANCOR, he has worked in a variety of settings, including the National Center for Learning Disabilities, the California Association of Youth Courts, and the African Centre for the Constructive Resolution of Disputes in Durban, South Africa. In his work, Noah seeks to connect communities’ voices to policy outcomes.

Noah also serves on the Board of Directors of Youth Transforming Justice, a California-based nonprofit that utilizes peer-to-peer trauma-informed restorative justice practices. He is also a Board Member of the California Association of Youth Courts, a non-profit association of youth diversion programs.

Noah holds a degree in Peace Studies and American Studies from Goucher College in Baltimore. His degree focuses on the politics of social change and conflict transformation, with an emphasis on community health and well-being.