Capitol Correspondence - 08.22.23

Celebrating Direct Support Professionals: DSP Recognition Week 2023

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As September approaches, Direct Support Professional (DSP) Recognition Week is right around the corner! DSP Recognition Week is a week-long celebration that recognizes and honors the remarkable work of DSPs who contribute tirelessly to the lives of people with disabilities. From September 10-16, 2023, ANCOR invites everyone to join in the festivities and show their appreciation for these unsung heroes.

A dedicated and innovative DSP workforce lies t the core of our mission to support people with intellectual and developmental disabilities to live, work, play, vote, and participate in their communities. DSP Recognition Week shines a spotlight on these extraordinary professionals, emphasizing their vital role in creating inclusive and empowering communities. It’s a nationwide celebration that marks just a small fraction of the recognition they truly deserve throughout the year.

The DSP Recognition Week Store: Tokens of Appreciation

This year, the DSP Recognition Week Store opens its virtual doors to offer a range of thoughtfully selected items adorned with the DSP Recognition Week branding. From classic favorites like T-shirts and bags to new additions including socks, bags, and coolers, the store presents an array of options to choose from. These items serve as tangible tokens of appreciation, allowing you to express your gratitude to the DSPs who make a significant difference in the lives of those they support. If you want to place an order, make sure to place it soon to ensure receipt by the start of DSP Recognition Week!

Social Media Toolkit: Amplifying the Celebration

Social media becomes a powerful platform during DSP Recognition Week. Using the hashtag #DSPRW2023, you can become a part of the larger conversation, raising awareness and amplifying your appreciation for DSPs. ANCOR provides a variety of sample social media messages that you can use as they are or customize to fit your own experiences and connections with DSPs.

Creative Ideas for Celebration: Making Every Moment Count

If you’re seeking creative ways to honor DSPs during this week, ANCOR has your back. Here are a few ideas to consider:

  1. Share Heartfelt Messages: Collect brief videos from the individuals receiving support, their families, colleagues, and more. Let these videos showcase the profound impact DSPs have on the lives of those they assist.
  2. Personalized Gift Bags: Create personalized gift bags for each DSP, filled with their favorite treats, a small gift card, and items from the DSP Recognition Week Store. Deliver these tokens of appreciation to the places where DSPs work, spreading joy throughout the community.
  3. Virtual Celebrations: Host a virtual party or happy hour for DSPs, their families, colleagues, and friends. Create a space for heartfelt conversations, funny anecdotes, and even a small trivia game – a chance to let DSPs know how valued and cherished they are.
  4. Mayor’s Proclamation: Engage with your local community by requesting your mayor to declare September 10-16, 2023, as DSP Recognition Week. Invite the mayor to record a ‘thank you’ message to honor the DSPs who contribute to community inclusion every single day.

Let Your Celebrations Shine!

As you prepare to celebrate DSP Recognition Week 2023, ANCOR wants to hear from you! Share your plans, your events, and your creative initiatives so that we can amplify your celebrations. Reach out to André Floyd, ANCOR’s Communications Manager, and Noah Block, ANCOR’s Advocacy Manager, and let us know how you’re making this year’s DSP Recognition Week truly unforgettable.