Capitol Correspondence - 08.04.17

HCBS Rule: List of STPs Approved to Date

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The CMS Home and Community Based Services (HCBS) rule that was finalized in January 2014 continues to be implemented, including through the approval of Statewide Transition Plans (STPs). Initially, it was expected that approvals would come promptly after a state submitted its plan to CMS, and that necessary transition activities would be completed by March 2019. However, the approval process has not worked as quickly as originally planned for, and CMS has extended the transition deadline to March 2022 (though plan approvals are still expected prior to March 2019). (See WICs article, “HHS Letter Sets Forth Framework for Medicaid Cost-Sharing Provisions, Extension of HCBS Rule Implementation,” March 19, 2017.) ANCOR met with the Director of the Center for Medicaid and CHIP Services Brian Neale last week to discuss the rule and the ongoing transition process. 
A good source of state-specific information continues to be, which is maintained by the Association of University Centers on Disabilities (AUCD). Additionally, CMS has a webpage dedicated to STPs that includes links to proposed plans, CMIA (Clarifications and Modifications required for Initial Approval) letters, and initial or final approvals as applicable. 
To date, only three states have received final approval. More than half of states (thirty-one) have now received initial approval. The approval list as it currently stands is below:


Final STP Approval from CMS

Arkansas, June 2, 2016

Kentucky, June 13, 2016

Tennessee, April 13, 2016

Initial STP Approval from CMS

Alabama, February 21, 2017

Alaska, December 28, 2016

Connecticut, October 21, 2016

Delaware, July 14, 2016

Hawaii, January 13, 2017

Idaho, September 23, 2016

Indiana, November 8, 2016

Iowa, August 9, 2016

Louisiana, March 3, 2017

Maryland, August 2, 2017

Minnesota, June 2, 2017

Mississippi, May 25, 2017

Missouri, March 29, 2017

Montana, December 23, 2016

Nebraska, March 31, 2017

New Hampshire, July 3, 2017

New Mexico, January 13, 2017

North Dakota, November 1, 2016

Oklahoma, December 28, 2016

Ohio, June 2, 2016

Oregon, November 2, 2016

Pennsylvania, August 30, 2016

Rhode Island, January 5, 2017

South Carolina, November 3, 2016

South Dakota, June 2, 2017

Utah, April 5, 2017

Virginia, December 9, 2016

Washington State, November 3, 2016

West Virginia, October 26, 2016

Wisconsin, July 14, 2017

Wyoming, May 10, 2017