Capitol Correspondence - 01.19.21

New Resources: Report on Home Care Workforce Crisis, Tips on Person-Centered Planning and Research on Disparities for Individuals with Higher Support Needs

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To keep our members abreast of broader discussions in the disability community and inform their advocacy, we share the following resources:

  • Council on Quality and Leadership (CQL) report on service disparities: “People with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) with higher support needs often face service disparities. As a result, they often have fewer opportunities and lower quality of life compared to those people with IDD without higher support needs. This study conducted by CQL had two aims. Our first aim was to explore disparities in personal quality of life outcomes for people with higher support needs. Our second aim was to examine how organizations can promote the quality of life of people with higher support needs. To explore these aims, we analyzed Personal Outcome Measures® interviews from 1,341 people with IDD.”