Capitol Correspondence - 09.22.20

Opportunity to Highlight Importance of Transportation to Congress, and Separate Survey

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The #SafeTransit coalition is seeking the involvement of transit stakeholders who wish elevate the importance of Congress investing in public transportation during the pandemic. With the pandemic leading to reduced usage and cities / states facing budget crises, public transportation systems are not receiving the public investment they need to remain stable. Because public transportation remains one of the most affordable and accessible means of transportation, people with disabilities rely upon it. We encourage our members who support individuals who rely on public transportation and individuals who engage in self-advocacy to share the two opportunities below with their networks.

1. Template letter to Congress – this is an example of a letter stakeholders could copy and personalize when contacting their members of Congress through their official websites to highlight this issue. This page can help advocates identify their members of Congress using the advocates’ address.

2. A survey on changes in people with disabilities and aging individuals’ travel behavior during COVID-19. The Center for Inclusive Design and Environmental Access at the University at Buffalo is interested in learning about changes in your travel behavior during the COVID-19 pandemic. The survey is open to any individuals who are aged 65 and older and/or adults with disabilities. We encourage you to take the survey yourself and share it with your friends, family, and colleagues. The survey will be open until October 15, 2020. As an incentive for taking our survey, you can enter a drawing to win a $50 gift card.