Capitol Correspondence - 04.11.23

Senator Casey Introduces Resolution to Recognize Care Workers

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Senator Bob Casey (D-PA), along with 18 other senators, introduced Senate Resolution 153, seeking to recognize and support the invaluable work of care workers in the United States. The resolution specifically calls for April 2023 to be designated as “Care Worker Recognition Month,” highlighting the important role that these workers play in our society.

The resolution notes that there is a growing need for care workers across a range of areas, from childcare to support for older adults and individuals with chronic illnesses or disabilities. Direct care workers are celebrated for allowing older adults, people with disabilities, and children with complex medical needs to remain in their homes and communities, living healthy, independent, and dignified lives.

Investment in care workers is also identified as vital to labor force participation and a strong economy, with care workers providing family caregivers the assurance that their homes are being looked after and their loved ones are in the hands of professionals. Furthermore, the resolution acknowledges that access to childcare and home and community-based services helps families boost their economic stability by working increased hours, taking fewer days off, and pursuing opportunities to advance their education and careers.

The resolution also highlights the challenges faced by the care industry, including staffing shortages and high turnover rates, which are costly to the economy. Additionally, the resolution acknowledges how the COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated the existing challenges faced by care workers, leading to burnout and exhaustion.

This resolution additionally recognizes that investing in care infrastructure will lead to fewer staffing shortages and higher productivity, while ensuring a more robust and stable pipeline of workers from which businesses can recruit. Investing in direct care infrastructure specifically will result in savings, as it costs less per individual per year to receive care in a home than in a congregate setting. The National Domestic Workers Alliance spearheaded the resolution introduction, and ANCOR supports the resolution.