Connections - 09.28.23

ANCOR Links Podcast: What, Why, and Where You Can Listen

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As you may or may not have already seen across our channels, we have ventured into the world of podcasts. With microphones and equipment readily available, there are approximately 900 billion podcasts already, but we think there’s space to do something important with the medium.

One of the main things we’ve seen over the previous years of threats to services and added strain put upon an already stretched and strained system, is that it’s hard to grab national attention or understanding until the crisis looms large enough. A few years ago, multiple ‘Save Medicaid’ efforts, from rallies to social media campaigns, were able to shine a light. Providing easily digested, bite-size efforts in a moment of crisis is important, but deeper understanding eludes most people when the moment passes.

This is obviously not to discount the daily work of those who push for a better, properly-funded and sustainable system, but to bolster it. We sit either directly or indirectly connected to a range of incredible people doing incredible work every single day. The medium of a podcast is not only becoming more popular, it provides a platform to have deeper and more fluid conversations than written pieces typically allow.

Also, according to a study released by Pew Research Center earlier this year, roughly half of Americans have listened to a podcast in the past year. With the medium flooded with celebrities, gossip outlets and sports, that’s really not too surprising. However, what’s most intriguing is that 88% stated that they listen to a podcast to learn. Even more interesting is that a third reported that they dug deeper or made a lifestyle change as a result of listening to a podcast.

What this has told us is that there is tremendous opportunity to educate, and hopefully, motivate. Though the minutiae of our day-to-day may not have broad, daily national appeal, the disability community and fight for inclusion and accessibility, is expansive. There’s work being done at grassroots levels and in the highest offices in the land.

If we are to evolve forward, it will happen because a larger audience has a better understanding of our challenges and obstacles. Can one podcast do all of this? Likely not. But this is a beginning, and also our challenge. As we continue to seek conversations that need to be had, we also hope our audience grows to those who need to hear them.

So please, if you haven’t already, check out our first two episodes. If you enjoy what you hear, or want to help the project, consider sharing the podcast with those you work alongside, but also (and especially) those who think they aren’t a part of this world on a day-to-day basis. They are, even if they don’t know it yet.

Episode 1: Why a Podcast, SOC Bill, and Introducing Monique St. Clair

Episode 2: Harnessing Your Voice, Amplifying the Disability Vote

André Floyd is the Communications Manager at ANCOR.