Connections - 07.01.24

ANCOR Member Raises Employee Wages Due to Their Health Benefits Savings

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ANCOR member Life Unlimited follows a mission to support individuals with disabilities in all aspects of their lives so they can experience life with unlimited possibilities.

“The thing I am most proud of is that our employees can go to the doctor and still afford gas and groceries,” said Susie Schneider, Chief Employee Engagement Officer at Life Unlimited. Members of Life Unlimited’s Human Resources team worked to support the company’s growth but ran into roadblocks with recruitment and retention. Their health benefits were too expensive and not robust enough to entice employees.

Life Unlimited faced massive annual increases in employee health insurance costs—as much as 30%. Year after year they felt stuck with unmanageable premium hikes and drastic out-of-pocket costs, so the team looked into alternative health insurance solutions.

The organization made a radical shift to a first-dollar coverage plan design in 2021 that led them to:

  • 60% increase in employee retention rate
  • 28% decrease in employee turnover rate
  • 182% increase in family member enrollment in benefits
  • 80% coverage of employees’ child, family, and spousal insurance

Now, people outside the organization ask about Life Unlimited because they hear so many good things about their culture and health insurance. Life Unlimited was even proud to raise employee wages due to the savings from their new plan.

Read the full case study to hear the inspiring story of this disability services champion and their commitment to their people.

Lesley Brown Albright is the Director of Business Development at Nonstop Administration & Insurance Services, Inc.