ANCOR Links - 01.17.24

Combating Economic Restraints for People with Disabilities (w/ Jody Ellis)

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January is Poverty Awareness Month, which is a month-long initiative to raise awareness about the growth of poverty in the United States. In addition to all the barriers of ableism, did you know that many people with disabilities have restrictions on how much they can earn?

In this episode we look at the disproportionate rate of poverty among people with disabilities. We examine the numbers from the National Disability Institute, and discuss the many factors that keep many people with disabilities below the poverty line.

Then we welcome Jody Ellis, Director of ABLE National Resource Center, to hear how ABLE Accounts can help.

This podcast is produced by ANCOR, the leading voice in Washington, DC, for providers of services for people with disabilities. To learn more, visit ⁠⁠.

Episode Transcript