Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

“Diversity, equity and inclusion” is far more than a catchphrase—it’s an ongoing commitment. Join us in our commitment to making our communities and our society more equitable, more accessible, and more just.

About This Priority

At ANCOR, we fundamentally believe that our communities are stronger when they are diverse. That’s why ensuring the inclusion of people with disabilities in the community has been part of our DNA since our founding in 1970. But given this moment in our history—the history of ANCOR and the history of our country—our efforts to promote a more equitable society must extend beyond people with disabilities. Because disability intersects with all other identity categories, ultimately, people with disabilities won’t truly be seen, valued and heard unless all humans are seen, valued and heard.

That’s why ANCOR has set out to examine how its work intersects with broader efforts to promote “DEI”—diversity, equity and inclusion. Some of the resources in this section are the result of those examinations, while others have been curated to support providers to take on their own DEI initiatives.

The Latest

The Latest