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Current Landscape: Managed Long-Term Services & Supports for People with Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities

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A white paper examining the current landscape of managed long-term care in I/DD services

This report presents a high-level summary of the current landscape of Medicaid Managed Long-Term Services & Supports for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, with the intent of informing providers, advocates, policymakers and other stakeholders on the opportunities and challenges revealed by state experiences to date.

States are presented in the order in which they began implementation of MLTSS programs for people with I/DD. Generally, the states with the longest-standing MLTSS-I/DD programs have built these programs through public entities and/or provider partnerships that have evolved over time. More recently, a few MLTSS programs are relying upon contracts with multistate commercial health plans implementing MMC, such as in Kansas, Iowa and Tennessee.

Finally, we present information about emerging or limited MLTSS efforts in other states, including emerging provider-led accountable care approaches.