Capitol Correspondence - 02.09.21

2019 National Core Indicators Staff Stability Survey Data Now Available

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As announced by the National Core Indicators:

“NASDDDS and HSRI are very pleased to send you the final report link on the 2019 NCI© Staff Stability Survey results. 2019 saw 26 states participating, with 3604 provider agencies responding to the survey.  As in prior reports, you will find information on tenure; turnover; vacancy rates; benefits offered; and wages for Direct Support Professionals (DSPs) employed by provider agencies. For example, 2019 saw a turnover rate of 42.8% across the 26 states, with 23.8% the lowest rate of turnover, and 64.8% the highest rate among states.  The median wage for DSPs is $12.00/hr.  The 2019 final report also shows that vacancy rates for full-time positions ranged from 4.1% to 13.7% with an NCI Average of 8.5%. Vacancy rates for part-time positions ranged from 4.5% to 20.5% with an NCI Average of 11.2%.  To see more, please click on the link below.

The NCI Staff Stability report is now a go-to source of information on the experience of DSP’s in our field and is the only data source focused exclusively on the I/DD field.

Please access 2019 Staff Stability Survey report here: LINK

If you have questions please contact Laura Vegas at [email protected] or Dorothy Hiersteiner at [email protected] We thank each participating state and look forward to further exploration of Direct Support Professional experiences across our field in partnership with each of you.”