Capitol Correspondence - 03.19.24

Alliance Unveils National Roadmap for Disability-Inclusive Health Care

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A collaborative effort between self-advocates, doctor groups, and health care leaders has yielded the National Roadmap for Disability-Inclusive Healthcare, a plan aimed at enhancing the medical experiences of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD).

Developed by over a dozen organizations in partnership with individuals with developmental disabilities, the roadmap lays out comprehensive goals and actions for various stakeholders. It urges educational associations, regulatory bodies, and professional organizations to take proactive measures to better equip health care professionals in treating those with disabilities.

Key recommendations include incentivizing continued clinical education on intellectual and developmental disabilities by professional societies, and integrating training on these disabilities into licensing renewals and board certifications by regulatory bodies.

Experts underscore the urgent necessity for initiatives such as the roadmap, highlighting the widespread deficiency in training on developmental disabilities throughout medical school and residency. A mere 41% of physicians report feeling sufficiently equipped to offer care to individuals with disabilities. Nevertheless, there are encouraging indications of advancement, with pledges from the American Medical Association and the American Dental Association in 2022 to enhance disability training for medical and dental students.