Capitol Correspondence - 01.03.23

CMS Issues Report Summarizing Comments to Access RFI

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The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) issued a report and supporting appendices summarizing public comments it received in response to the 2022 RFI: Access to Coverage and Care In Medicaid & CHIP (Access RFI). CMS’ report summarizes key issues ANCOR highlighted in our comments submitted last spring.

Although ANCOR’s specific recommendations were not addressed in the report, the following general themes were reflected in our comments and captured as key trending issues across home and community-based services:

  • Wages for direct care workers and establishing minimum standards for rate-setting.
  • Improving data collection and reporting, particularly related to the workforce.
  • Creating options for public comment when reimbursement rates are submitted to CMS.

The most common themes identified across the entirety of the RFI included:

  • Addressing equity and cultural competency.
  • Reimbursement rates as a key driver of provider participation in Medicaid and CHIP programs.
  • Aligning approaches and setting minimum standards for payment regulations and compliance across Medicaid and CHIP delivery systems, services, and benefits.

For more on the overall trends, see the full report from CMS.