Capitol Correspondence - 10.05.21

Congress Delays Vote on Infrastructure Bills, Timeframe for HCBS Funding Legislation Unclear

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Last week, the House was set to vote on the bipartisan infrastructure bill. However, on Thursday House Speaker Nancy Pelosi postponed the vote. Speaker Pelosi had originally promised that the House would vote on both the bipartisan infrastructure and budget reconciliation (“human infrastructure”) bills in tandem by September 27. However, with no final budget reconciliation bill ready for a vote last week, votes on both bills were postponed. There is no date set for either bill.  

The White House has weighed in, urging progressive Democrats—who are pushing for a vote on the budget reconciliation bill before a vote on the bipartisan infrastructure bill—to lower the $3.5 trillion price tag, while also assuring them that the votes on both infrastructure bills will take place together. The White House has not provided a timeframe, with Senior Advisor Cedric Richmond responding to questions about when the votes on both bills will take place: “We don’t have a time frame on it.”