Capitol Correspondence - 03.14.23

Funding Program Launches to Improve Employment Outcomes for People with Physical Disabilities

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The National Institute on Disability, Independent Living, and Rehabilitation Research (NIDILRR) has recently unveiled a new funding opportunity under the Rehabilitation Research and Training Centers (RRTCs) Program. The program is aimed at enhancing employment outcomes of people with physical disabilities.

Funded through the Disability and Rehabilitation Research Projects and Centers Program, the RRTC program aims to achieve the goals of, and improve the effectiveness of, services authorized under the Rehabilitation Act. Through well-designed research, training, technical assistance, and dissemination activities in important topic areas as specified by NIDILRR, these activities are designed to benefit rehabilitation service providers, people with disabilities, family members, and other stakeholders.

The new funding opportunity seeks to identify evidence-based practices that can effectively address employment disparities faced by people with physical disabilities, including but not limited to, disparities in access to employment, job retention, career advancement, and wage equity.

NIDILRR believes that the program will help reduce barriers to employment for people with disabilities and foster an inclusive workforce. By leveraging research, training, and technical assistance, the program is expected to improve the employment outcomes of people with physical disabilities and create a more equitable and inclusive society.

The program is open to all eligible organizations, including higher education institutions, nonprofit organizations, and state and local government agencies. Funding awards will be granted to projects that demonstrate strong potential for achieving the program’s goals and objectives.

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