Capitol Correspondence - 04.02.24

President Biden Proclaims April 2024 as Care Workers Recognition Month

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Through a presidential proclamation last week, President Biden designated April 2024 as Care Workers Recognition Month, honoring the invaluable contributions of care workers across the nation. President Biden outlined the crucial role these dedicated individuals play in “watch over our children, assist our parents, and support loved ones with disabilities”.

The proclamation emphasizes the significance of care workers’ labor not only for the individuals they assist but also for the broader economy. Despite the essential nature of their work, care workers often face inadequate compensation, with many among the lowest-paid workers in the country. Moreover, a significant portion of care workers, particularly women of color, confront enduring racial and gender wage disparities.

According to the proclamation, the administration is firmly committed to rectifying these disparities and ensuring that care workers receive the recognition, resources, and respect they deserve. Through initiatives such as the American Rescue Plan, over $60 billion has been invested in the care economy—preserving vital child care centers during the COVID-19 pandemic and enhancing wages and benefits for child care workers. Furthermore, comprehensive actions outlined in a 2023 Executive Order signed by President Biden prioritize access to high-quality care and support for caregivers, spanning across various federal agencies.

President Biden emphasized in his proclamation that the administration’s efforts to bolster the care workforce extends to improving the quality of home care and nursing home jobs, with initiatives aimed at increasing pay for home care workers and enhancing staffing standards in nursing homes. Additionally, the Administration is promoting apprenticeship programs to expand the pool of long-term care workers, including registered and licensed nurses.